Acute/ Chronic Pain Treatment

Pain sucks. And side effects from medications can turn pain relief into a vicious cycle of pain, relief, and new symptoms. Using gentle techniques (not just cracking and popping every possible joint), we will help increase your mobility and range of motion, relax your muscles, and increase your functionality.

Respiratory Treatments

Respiratory disorders can leave you feeling out of breath, like you can’t take a full breath, like you’re drowning. Let us examine you, and help relax the muscles around your rib cage, remove the restrictions keeping you from taking a deep breath, and help you improve your breathing.

Sinus Issue Treatments

Feeling stuffed up?  We can help.  Using a series of gentle massage techniques, we can help drain your sinuses and improve your breathing and facial pain.

Medical Marijuana Evaluations

The medicinal benefits of marijuana are gradually being recognized in the medical community and larger society. While the government continues to consider cannabis a Schedule I substance, we at Pensacola Osteopaths embrace the potential that THC-CBD substances hold, and respect the wishes of our patients who want to pursue this route. 

Transition Management

The current guidelines surrounding transition management include:

● The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of


● University of California, San Fransisco (UCSF) Guidelines for the Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People

These are general guidelines that cover labs, medication use, and general medical knowledge for the treatment of transgender patients.



Labs need to be checked at every appointment (every 3-6 months), especially before any medication changes. This is done in order to ensure safety and efficacy.

In addition to testing hormone levels (testosterone and estradiol), we also do a Complete Blood Count and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel in order to ensure that HRT will be safe for you.



Depending on the patient’s goals of therapy, HRT generally consists of a testosterone

suppressant and estradiol supplementation for transfeminine people, or testosterone for transmasculine people.


A Note on Informed Consent


Our clinic follows the informed consent model for Hormone Replacement Therapy, meaning that we do not require a letter from a therapist to “prove” that our patients are trans. Naturally, we recommend therapy for all of our patients; however, we understand that A.) therapy is difficult to access for many patients, especially lower-income patients who lack adequate insurance that would cover mental health services, and B.) we recognize that there is no standard by which therapists go by to determine the “transness” of their patients, leading to some therapists requiring that patients present as their identified gender for a full year or more (as well as some

not recognizing nonbinary or gender nonconforming identities, and expecting patients to perform stereotypical Western gender roles), while other therapists will gladly write a letter based on the patient’s self-declaration of their gender experience.

Our Pricing

Initial consultation is $150.  Follow up appointments are determined by length of appointment, typically $50 per 20 minutes (with the doctor).  Special rates are available for those currently on disability (new patients only, call for more details).

What kind of discounts do you offer?

Military, police, fire and EMS all receive 10% discounts at every visit, as do teachers. (We love our public service folks!)  We also have a special program for those on disability (call for further details).

We are also willing to discuss payment plans with patients. Please call for information.