Announcing: Earthy Thursdays of Pensacola, FL

I am so excited to announce the Earthy Thursdays of Pensacola, FL initiative. This project would compile donations from the Pensacola and surrounding communities into a single compost pile, and redistribute the resulting compost (“black gold”) back into the community for use.

There are several reasons why I wanted to do this:

Climate change not only is real, but is reaching the point where soon, it’ll be too difficult and/or impossible to reverse its effects;

One of the best ways to combat greenhouse gases is to reduce the compostable waste in the landfills, and to allow it to break down aerobically rather than anaerobically;

A community-based initiative would allow people to participate in composting without having to do compost themselves, or to have to dedicate time, space or resources towards doing it in their own home;

Providing the resulting “black gold” to people for free would make it available to people of lower income who either would like to get started in gardening for food, or those who rely on their garden for food;

I believe that it is incumbent upon all of us to do what we can to protect the Earth, and facilitating a community-based initiative will help others do their own part.

I began composting earlier this year. Actually, my birthday present to myself this year was a tumbling composter by Yimby and two books on composting. Since then, I have expanded to having three tumbling composters and a pile in the front yard, this last being my space dedicated to Earthy Thursdays (pictured below). Composting feels like one of those things that starts taking over your life, in a good way. My family and I now look much more critically at what we’re throwing out, and separating out what can be composted. I remember the first week our recycling outweighed our trash — I was thrilled! It felt like true progress.

We want as many people and groups to participate as possible. We want people to learn about composting, and to look more critically at what they’re throwing in the trash. Yes, each individual person is “only one person.” But together, we can make a huge impact.

I look forward to working with volunteers and the community to get this project off the ground. Call or email us for more information. 850-368-7528,, or visit our FB page.

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