We believe in patient autonomy. This includes women’s and other uterus owners’ bodily autonomy, including in the case of pregnancy. As we say in the military, the best defense is a good offense. While we are unable at Pensacola Osteopaths to perform abortions, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help women and uterus owners of all genders and walks of life achieve reproductive freedom, particularly in states where their right to bodily autonomy is being threatened. We will never stand by and allow our patients to be attacked and denied care, particularly not by legislators with no business being in the consultation room.

While we work on a more expansive plan to include insertional/implantable birth control options (such as IUDs and Implanon/Nexplanon), this is our current offer:

We will see, for free, any woman/uterus owner in need of birth control. You do not need to have insurance. You don’t need to bring any form of payment to us (and we’ll do our best to find the cheapest birth control for you using GoodRx). All you need to do, is get to us. Call us for more information. Tell your friends. Give us feedback — how else can we help? We are looking for ideas.

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