Medical Marijuana Certifications now being performed at Pensacola Osteopaths, including “similar to or same class [K]” conditions. Make your appointment today. No waiting three months for your appointment — get seen within the next seven days!

Medical marijuana


Who is eligible for Medical Marijuana certification?

According to the State of Florida, people with the following conditions are eligible for certification:

--Parkinson’s disease

--Multiple Sclerosis


--Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gherig’s Disease)


--Crohn’s Disease

--Chronic nonmalignant pain (related to one of the above diagnoses)



Can I get certified for other conditions?

It is possible to be certified for other conditions, such as anxiety, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.  This requires an additional step on the part of the doctor, and an in-depth discussion of your current symptoms to determine how marijuana may be of benefit to you.



What is required?

Any medical documentation you have related to your diagnosis is helpful. However, contact our office if you are lacking any documents, or need help with establishing a diagnosis. We recognize that many of our patients do not have regular access to healthcare and may not have been able to seek medical attention to date. We are committed to helping you to the best of our ability.


The appointment itself is approximately one hour, and includes an interview and exam by the doctor.  Written consent forms are reviewed with the patient by the doctor, including a discussion of the evidence for or against using cannabis for a given condition.  If you are interested in whether or not your condition is treatable with medical marijuana, we recommend the following resources:

– “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” by Michael Backes, Black Dog & Levanthal Publishers, 2017.

– NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), Library.



What follow up is required?

Because we are treating medical marijuana like a medication, we treat it like a medication – with regular follow up.  This is to ensure both your safety and that you have found a strain/product that adequately manages your symptoms.  Typically, Dr Hillman requires follow up in the first 70 days following certification to assess any improvement or adverse effects from marijuana therapy.  Once you are on a regimen that works for you, however, you need only to come back for recertification every 210 days or as required by law.



Why do I have to come every 210 days?  Can’t we do it over the phone?

It is a requirement by Florida law that certification and recertification must take place in person, in the same room, with the doctor.  A new consent form must be signed with each certification period.



My card expired.  Can you get it fixed?

Our office can only take care of issues with the certification and orders.  We cannot expedite files to be approved sooner than the Medical Marijuana Use Office’s typical processing period.  Expired cards cannot be rectified by our office, and must be addressed through the MMU Office. [Keep in mind that, while the certification period is 210 days, the physical card expires on an annual basis.]



Where can I find local dispensaries and strains?

The following dispensaries have offices in Pensacola.  You can go to their website for more specific information on available products.  You can also check for more information on strains and their availability near you:

--Surterra Wellness




--Liberty Health Sciences



Do you offer discounts for your services?

We recognize and appreciate the services of the following groups, and offer a 10% discount.

--Police/Fire/EMS/First Responders

--Military and Veterans




I currently have a doctor but I’d like to transfer to you guys, cause you’re awesome.  [Well, thank you, you’re too kind!]  What do I do?

You can call and make an appointment with our office, and make sure to bring any documentation with you to your appointment.  Your doctor will need to be taken off or removed from your certification so Dr Hillman can accept you as a patient.  This can be done either by your doctor or by yourself through the Registry website.  Transfer appointments for certification are only $125.



My current doctor doesn’t give specific recommendations for marijuana and told me to ask at the dispensary.  Can you guide me?

We sure can!  It is important to keep in mind that different strains of marijuana, which have different terpene profiles and effects, can interact differently with people’s individual physiologies.  We can certainly discuss strains and terpenes that would be helpful for your particular symptoms, but remember that “actual results may vary.”